Servo Stabilizers and types of servo stabilizers

Voltage fluctuations and power outages are indispensable hindrances in all major cities. These power cuts impede our work and destroy the appliances such as television, air conditioners, kitchen, and electrical appliances. Imagine the damage in industries that run costly machinery like milling, CNC, grinding centers, lathe, etc.

Voltage fluctuations and power outages push them to worst scenarios leading to very costly replacement of machineries. In such scenarios, the servo stabilizers play a tremendous role in safeguarding the appliances. Let's peek into a few details about servo stabilizers and their Types.

What is a servo stabilizer?

A servo voltage stabilizer plays the vital role of regulating input voltage flow that powers the electrical appliances and heavy machinery, paving the way for error-free operation. The central aspect of a servo stabilizer is its built-up servo motor-controlled stabilizer system. Its primary function is offering optimum voltage supply by incorporating a boost/buck transformer booster.

The booster plays the role of seizing the voltage fluctuations from input and regulates power flow perfectly to the output. The AC synchronous voltage takes up the part of managing voltage in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. It also controls the output voltage with vital components such as comparator, control card, mocs, transistor, card dimmer, etc. Servo stabilizers fall into various categories. Let us dig into detail about the different types of stabilizers.

Types of Servo stabilizer

Three Phase air-cooled Servo stabilizers

Three-phase air-cooled servo stabilizers are perfect for offices, residential needs, and small industries. These exceptional stabilizers are available with different capacities up to 250KVA. The best aspect of a three-phase air-cooled servo stabilizer is the stylish visual displays, digitalized supplies, and added accessories to enhance the customer's user-friendly experience.

Applications of three-phase air cooled servo stabilizers include

  • Industrial applications
  • Automobile equipment
  • Construction devices
  • IT applications
  • Textile industries
  • Metal process equipment

Benefits of three-phase air cooled servo stabilizers

  • Supports in use of higher capacities
  • Economical
  • Efficient to use
  • Available in varied sizes
  • Under unbalanced conditions ensures stable output

Residential servo stabilizers

A residential servo stabilizer is ideal for protecting various home appliances such as refrigerators, lifts, washing machines, AC, home theatres, desktops, etc. These stabilizers are single- and three-phase residential servo stabilizers with 250KVA capacities. The servo stabilizers perform the best protection capabilities with few vital features. These include the output electronic overload protection, MCB protected input short circuit, output low voltage protection, etc.

The residential servo stabilizer comes with various programmable features CT full scale, output voltage set, overload cut off, LCD for input high, etc. The metering on the LCD is yet another outstanding feature that makes the residential servo stabilizer exceptional.

Benefits of residential servo stabilizer

  • The residential servo stabilizer protects household appliances and equipment
  • Appliances enjoy a prolonged life span
  • High level of safety for residences
  • Saves individuals from power accidents and risks
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Lower power bills

Digital servo stabilizer

A digital servo stabilizer conserves energy by improving the voltage supply to the equipment. The digital servo stabilizers are of great use in industries, commercial spaces, and residential purposes. These stabilizers are available with short and long-term delay, and the voltage protection can be set as over or under. The main features are exceptional power efficiency, high work capacity, and completed testing.

Benefits of digital servo stabilizer

  • Safe and efficient operation of electronic appliances.
  • Saves cost with reduced electric bills.

Micro-controller based servo stabilizer

A microcontroller-based voltage stabilizer is a perfect choice for insufficient infrastructure for distributing and generating AC or alternating current. The above is because it has high response time and voltage regulation in a time-by-time manner without disturbing the load current. The primary function of a microcontroller-based stabilizer was to protect electronic and electrical appliances from voltage fluctuation.

Benefits of micro-controller based servo stabilizer

  • Stabilizes load current variation and load voltage.
  • Adjusts load voltage in a short period.

Single phased micro-controlled servo stabilizer

The single-phased micro-controlled servo stabilizer comes with premium quality and satisfies the power demand in all areas. These stabilizers come with the best features up to 50KVA. Single phased micro-controlled servo stabilizers manage higher voltage levels. The appropriate contractor or relay protects against low and high voltages. Furthermore, they also guard against short circuits through MCB's and overload.

Benefits of single phased micro-controlled servo stabilizer

  • Best quality equipment
  • Heightens the durability of the equipment
  • Better safety and protection for equipment
  • Efficient


Stabilizers are nowadays a mandatory requirement for official as well as residential uses. They play their part and guard the home appliances against voltage fluctuations. In that manner, Deltek plays a tremendous role in providing the latest and best servo stabilizers of various ranges. Take a look at the website and learn about the different servo stabilizers that serve daily life from Deltek.